Don’t waste our time

One of the most annoying things about this line of work is the endless stream of useless and pointless training. With such outfits as TargetSafety and Ninth Brain, just to name two, becoming commonplace, administrators and managers (read: people who do not do our work at the street level, if they even did it at all in the past) are assigning crews online courses after online courses for continuing education, most of them absolutely a waste of time.

Just the other day I had to spend a whole hour (mandated via timer) on heat emergencies. It’s fucking winter.

3 thoughts on “Don’t waste our time”

  1. Some of the on-line programs serve a useful purpose for the smaller services, like mine (5 active EMTs in a town of 800). yes, we have a contract with one of the local medics for most of the training, but the on-line is good too. Since we’re also all firefighters as well, we’ve gotten some good training from CFITrainer.ner, in addition to FEMA, USFA and a few others.

    Granted, training in heat emergencies in winter is, shall we say, not optimal use of your time, but for the small departments, the outfits like Target can be, almost lieterally, lfe-savers.

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