That’s the exact opposite of what you assholes did

Funny how the same politicians who, just a year or two ago, cut public safety budgets and laid off emergency workers by the dozens are now calling for the hiring of emergency workers because of widespread crime spikes and poor response times, as well as the mass exodus of experienced employees these cuts spurred.

It’s almost as if no one warned them that this would happen.

After blaming public safety employees for all the budget woes for which they themselves, as decision-makers, were fully responsible, these dishonest, dishonorable, shit-for-brains politicians are suddenly fine with hiring these same street-level public safety employees, who have suddenly been absolved of “bankrupting” jurisdictions left and right with their supposed extravagant pay and benefits.

The best part, for me, has got to be that around here, for instance, we have more new co-workers than the poor souls who were laid off. Simple arithmetic says, why lay anyone off in the first place if you end up hiring more people afterward?

But what the fuck do I know – I’m just a stupid peon.

2 thoughts on “That’s the exact opposite of what you assholes did”

  1. Seriously. In my area there’s an impending change where the “bankrupt” city will now be “hiring” three additional ambulances to cover an area that their own single ambulance was able to cover for the last 20 years. Granted, although they had the 201 rights to keep an ambulance operating in their area, the ambulance was costing the city about $200 K annually. Yet hiring two different companies to staff a total of three ambulances in the area they once staffed will cost the city significantly more than they were paying to keep their ambulance in service. Sigh… Bureaucracy…

  2. “why lay anyone off in the first place if you end up hiring more people afterward”
    I don’t know about in your business, but usually it’s because the ones hired on have lower wages, fewer benefits, or even better: are contractors. That way, the administration can show how they saved the company money, and earn their bonuses. Cynical? Me? Why would you say that?

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