This is not a happy job

Code 3 for elderly female unresponsive.

A woman meets us outside a house.

“What’s wrong?”

Tears start flowing as she walks us in.

“Show them where she is.”

A couple other people lead us to the bathroom, where an old woman is prone on the floor, nightgown half off, her walker wedged over her, urine everywhere. She is mostly unresponsive.

“When did anyone last see her?”

“We spoke to her last night on the phone. The three of us are here to pick her up for church. She is usually so friendly and chatty.”

The old woman is 90. She lives alone. She keeps her house tidy and spotless. Now she is in all likelihood disabled for good.

She is cared for professionally, with the customary minimum amount of fuss, and brought to the ED.

Sad, the responders agree. All the bullshit people call us for, when we get something legitimate, it’s usually sad.

That’s all the time allowed for reflection.

Next call.

One thought on “This is not a happy job”

  1. Wow, how sad and unfortunate. You’re right–the work of a medic is not all roses whatsoever. I also understand the irony that, after getting so many absurd “emergency” calls, to walk in on something like that and realize that there’s not much that can really be done to help the patient (as you mentioned, it looks like she’ll be disabled) it’s…well…I guess it’s just sobering to say the least.

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