Type A

For years I handed over patients and reports to the ED without any fuss. No one – not the nurses, not the physicians – cared about the pre-hospital reports anyway unless it was a very, very legitimate patient. No one signed anything. The transfer of care was implied and no one wasted any brain cells thinking about it.

Then came the computers and electronic reports. For the software to allow us to complete and finalize and transmit these reports, we now have to record the nurse’s name, and worse, get his/her signature on the touchscreen. It is truly administrative bullshit for the sake if administrative bullshit. Naturally, most nurses don’t give a shit about this, don’t want to make the physical effort to sign it (especially in the middle of their own work), and don’t want to waste their time even thinking about it. I believe in keeping them happy, so let’s just say sometimes their signatures somehow appear in the appropriate field so I can complete the stupid report.

Once in a while, a nurse takes this seriously and really thinks the signature is very important and really wants to sign it him/herself. This is what I would call “not recognizing what is truly important and what is not.”

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