Multiple choice

What goes through your mind when you are awakened to go on yet another call in the middle of the night?

(a) “FUCK!”

(b) “I fucking hate people!”

(c) “I’m sure this will be some fucking bullshit.”

(d) “I really need to bid onto a different shift…”

(e) “Yay! Another great opportunity to go help someone!”

6 thoughts on “Multiple choice”

  1. I never, ever, thought D, because the night shift was better than the other two where the BS was unrelenting. At least once in a while I did get to help people.

    More than one time when the tones went off, my first reaction was indeed, “FUCK!”. All to often is was the right reaction.

  2. Working nights is the worst. Soul-sucking.

    If you get me between about 0200 and 0500, my only thoughts are going to be “blluuuuuuuuuuuugrhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaolqucryxua,” and no, that doesn’t improve when we arrive on scene.

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