Six times a shift

I know this is going to go nowhere because our bosses are scared of dipshit patients and scumbag lawyers, but as a thought exercise, why is it that fire crews can choose to not respond to repeat alarms and cops can choose to not respond to chronic calls and non-injury wrecks while we go to every single one of our frequent calls? And unlike them, we usually, stupidly, go lights and sirens too. Obviously the cops and the firefighters can decide at the field level what is and what isn’t an legitimate emergency, but we can’t?

We went to the same street corner 6 times in one shift because the resident homeless guy with a movement disorder likes to lie on the ground occasionally when he’s not being handed money, and motorists are apparently too fucking busy NOT paying attention to their driving and instead dialing 911.

I suppose I should just be glad that he leaves at night.

2 thoughts on “Six times a shift”

  1. One of my sups told me the reason we must respond and Police and Fire get to choose is because “it’s a privilege to be here.” Apparently he meant because we are a private service provider under contract with the county and the other two are publicly funded entities that they have a right to be here and we don’t. Upon deep reflection I ultimately rejected that argument. We are under contract. It’s an obligation to be here, not a right. And since 70 percent of fire departments in this country are volunteer, I would imagine it’s a privilege to be a full time paid firefighter. And since many communities are enforced by sheriffs and not police, I imagine it’s a privilege to be city police and be paid for it.

  2. i would imagine it would be less expensive to risk an occasional lawsuit then be sending expensive resources to bogus calls. then again it would be way less expensive to just dispatch cabs to the 90+% of calls that either didn’t need an ambulance, or didn’t even need to go to the hospital in the first place. but then i guess we would be out of a job…

    harry your supervisor is an idiot. That attitude is why EMS will always be the “red headed stepchild” of both public service and the medical community.

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