A fat lot of good

We’re on the side of the road with a pedi febrile seizure. There are 2 other kids, both younger than 5, in the sedan. There is only 1 car seat.

“You have 2 kids without car seats.”

“Oh, I have it in the trunk.”

I notice he said “it,” and I wonder if he really only has 1 car seat in the trunk, leaving 1 child still without proper – and not to mention, legally required – restraints.

“And sir, that is useful how?”

2 thoughts on “A fat lot of good”

  1. a few weeks back i ran a rollover, SUV at about 40mph or so that swerved (allegedly) to avoid someone who cut them off. there were 6 people in the SUV. 2 adults with no injuries (were wearing seatbelts). 1 adult with minor lacerations and some roadrash on his back where is back made contact with the ground through a window (no seatbelt). and his 3 children. 1 year old in a car seat – no injuries. 2 year old with lap/shoulder belt – large hematoma to her head but vitals stable. and finally a 6 y/o who was unrestrained and had minor lacs/abrasions.

    While transferring care at the childrens hospital the dad was actually laughing about how his son was bouncing about the cabin and that he caught him before he fell out the broken side window. Now, I generally keep my mouth shut – but in this case informed the father that i didnt find it funny that he was almost responsible for the death of 2 of his children by not having them in appropriate child safety seats. and pointed out that his only uninjured child was in such a restraint device. the three nurses taking care felt that was a good jumping point and took the lecture from there. still waiting to get that complaint

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