A warning

I’ve sat on this for a few days, and I’m going to go out on a limb a little bit here and say that the attitudes of some – not all – nurses* are really ruining this job for me. Even more so than patients. I think that is saying a lot.

*And the occasional doctor

3 thoughts on “A warning”

  1. Try working in an ED. I’m a medic in the Army, and carry both an NREMT and state EMT license. I work in an ED as a tech. While most of the nurses I work with are pretty cool, there are some that need a hug…from my hands…around their necks…for about twenty minutes.

  2. I hear ya–I just assumed there was a state requirement here in Texas that every ER has to have That One Nurse who treats us medics like filthy dirt.

  3. One of my rules that I share with others is… Don’t let anyone ruin what you’re doin. You’re in this business for a reason, and it sure isn’t the nurses. 23 yrs. and a lot of bitchy nurses later, I’m here for the duration.

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