FAQ #3

Q: Why do crews sometimes appear to be laughing and joking on calls? It does not seem very professional.

A: First and foremost, most of the calls are so stupid that it requires no intervention. As a comparison, no one expects taxi drivers to do anything but drive safely to the destination.

A small minority of calls, however, are indeed stressful in many different ways. A very sick person. An injured child. An extraordinary asshole insulting us the entire time. A combative fuckhead who wrestles with a half dozen responders. Add those to such routine stress as our stupid bosses and idiot co-workers and unrealistic oversight agencies, and it can really drag you down.

For most of us, our world is a small world, and calls are social events in a sense. We see old classmates and friends we haven’t seen in years. We see people with whom we used to suffer through shifts. We see those we don’t like but, after all, we let bygones be bygones. So imagine the 4 or 6 of us showing up on scene when someone cries wolf – it’s a great time to catch up when there’s nothing to do.

In addition, we naturally understand the harmful effects of stress and we don’t need a scientific paper to know that. What better time to de-stress a little than on stupid calls?

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