We’re driving along the left lane – and sometimes the left shoulder – of the freeway to a wreck, following the fire engine. Traffic is backed up, and as usual, people are making it very difficult for us, generally not paying attention and not moving a wee bit to the right just out of our way just so we can pass until the very, very last second. Or not at all.

In addition to these morons, there are the drivers who tuck in behind us in the wake of our ambulance, tailgating us all the way.

“I really hope the wreck is on the left so these assholes get stuck behind us.”

The fire engine starts slowing down. I think it really is on the left… wait for it… wait for it…

It turns to the right, and then to the left, and blocks the left shoulder and 2 left lanes at an angle. We drive around them, stop ahead of the wreck, way over near the center divider, safely in the protected zone. All those fuckheads illegally following us – STUCK.


Suck it, asshole drivers.

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