“Concern” is really code for NIMBY*

Code 3 for man down.

A woman in a nice neighborhood waves us down, in front of the bagel shop. She’s a little excited, bouncing up and down a bit, arms outstretched, pointing behind the building with one hand and pointing in the exact opposite direction with the other. It’s quite a sight. I wonder what the fuck she wants.

I poke my head out the window.

“He’s back there! He’s back there!”

“So why are you pointing the other way then?”

“Oh, you guys can park over there. There’s not enough room here.”

Typical rich people “do as I say” bullshit.

“You leave the parking to us. I only care where the patient is.”

I’ll block the whole Goddamned intersection if it’s operationally necessary. I think it may even be operationally necessary today to piss her off on purpose.

She eventually points in the only direction that matters – you know, where the supposed patient is. We drive closer. I get out. I already don’t want to bring any gear.

“So what’s the problem?”

“We’re concerned about this guy lying on the ground behind that fence. See where he’s got his tent set up?”

“So he’s… sleeping…”

I’m definitely not bringing any gear.

“Well, I didn’t want to go check.”

“So you really just want him out of there. Got it. Thanks.”

And so it goes. Eight people belonging to 3 services show up to politely ask this guy to go sleep somewhere else to keep the more privileged folks happy.

*Not In My Back Yard

2 thoughts on ““Concern” is really code for NIMBY*”

  1. Always the way isn’t it? Affluent people don’t want other people mucking up the backyard….. We got some of that going on in a big way here too….. IMHO if you don’t want them there, help them out with some of you precious f*&^%ng money and possessions and then they won’t be sleeping in a tent behind your house (on land that prolly doesn’t belong to you so GTFOI). Sorry, but people like that piss me the f%^& off. Carry on dude, carry on. Thanks for the posts!

  2. Many years ago, when you could get away with stuff like this, we were called to the same down town intersection several times in the same shift. “We” being several different BLS trucks, but each of us responded more than once.

    The call was for one of our regulars who was sleeping on the sidewalk. Why not? He was drunk and it was a nice, sunny day. This time was different because the caller actually hung around until we arrived.

    She was very, very, concerned about this “poor man”. The problem for her was that the “poor man” didn’t want anything to do with us or a hospital.

    Which I tried to explain to the nice lady. Who didn’t want to hear it.

    “You MUST do something for him!”

    So, I asked her where she lived and naive person she was, she told me.

    At which point I suggested that she go get her car and we’d help her load the “poor man” into it so she could take him home with her.

    Church, fart in.

    I guess her compassion was of the remote kind.

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