Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. When someone, like a co-worker, insists on buying me coffee, after unsuccessfully declining graciously, I order a small one, no matter what I originally wanted. Certainly not a large, elaborate drink with organic cream and sugar.

And I never accept anything from civilians.

3 thoughts on “Manners”

  1. I’m not a medic (yet) and I don’t work for a service (yet) but I did spend 9 years in a military uniform. I didn’t let civilians buy me stuff (other than the occasional time they picked up a check at a restaurant without me knowing who they were). However, in the situation where a coworker and I end up at a place getting a bite or a cup of coffee, we generally have an unspoken agreement that if he buys this round, I’ll get the next round. Over the course of a few years, we may or may not be up on each other a matter of a few dollars, but it’s more of the thought that counts.

    If I buy you a cup of coffee, don’t insult me by getting a small. Order what you want. And if you do the same for me, I’ll return the favor.

  2. I’m almost afraid to think of what happened to prompt that kind of post. Civility apparently isn’t just dead, but it’s been rotting for a while.

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