You can do whatever you want if you’re not EMS

Every 2-3 years, I have to take awful mandatory re-cert classes for CPR, ACLS, PALS/PEPP, ITLS/PHTLS* and God knows what else in order to keep my license. Not only are these classes a huge waste of everyone’s time, the instructors uniformly terrible and without actual street experience, but do you ever get the feeling we, EMS, are the only ones who actually have to follow the treatment guidelines set forth in these classes and subsequently adopted by local policies and protocols? I swear to God, I always see hospital staff doing whatever the hell they want and administering whatever drugs the ED attending can think of. And then they question all the up-to-date, by-the-guidelines treatment we did and did not provide beforehand.

*The timestamp for this link to an earlier post about re-certs is nearly 2 years old. I guess I do get really cranky around re-cert time.

One thought on “You can do whatever you want if you’re not EMS”

  1. I don’t blame you. It’s a pain in the neck to have to take those classes every two years. I don’t know if you were around when CPR was EVERY FRICKEN YEAR. Yeah, a one year certification for CPR. For people who did CPR several times a month.

    The whole thing is a joke and yet another reason why EMS is not a profession. If EMS education were the least bit comprehensive we wouldn’t have to take classes like PHTLS, AMLS, ABLS, and so on because it would all be in the core curriculum.

    Well, there you’ve gone and done it again. Started me on a rant.

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