Zero Tolerance means Zero Thinking

Apparently, there is no more thinking required.

The Boston Herald has a story about North Andover High School honors student Erin Cox, who is being punished for running afoul of the school’s zero-tolerance alcohol policy, all because she – sober and being a good friend – went to pick up a friend who had been drinking and asked for a ride.

“Don’t let friends drive drunk,” we tell our kids. “If you’ve been drinking, call mom or dad to come get you — no questions asked,” we tell them, too. “And if you can’t call your parents, call a sober friend.”

Ms. Cox, being responsible beyond her years and bearing absolutely no resemblance to the unbelievably depressing immaturity of the general public or the staggering inflexibility and hubris of the school, did exactly as we always tell children.

But, the police happened to show up at the same time at the party, and despite having her sobriety confirmed in writing by an officer, she had her captaincy on the volleyball team stripped from her in addition to being handed a 5-game suspension.

CNN has a few snippets of people, with even less sense than the school, actually defending the punishment, citing zero tolerance. Following their logic, it’s “The hell with her friend because there’s alcohol on site,” and, “Rules are rules even if it’s stupid!

Now, assuming the principal facts of this story is true, since I spend a fair amount of my time in the middle of the debris and destruction left behind by DUIs, I just want to highlight Ms. Cox’s actions in her own words:

Asked if, knowing what she knows now, she was mistaken to get her friend, she said she would do it all over again.

“It was the right thing,” she said.

Indeed, young lady. Indeed.

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