I need some oxygen

We’re walking to grab some lunch.

My young partner, a few steps behind me, is approached by a young man in his 20s.

“Can I get some oxygen, man? I got asthma. My inhaler doesn’t work no more. You guys have oxygen, right?”


Only because I’ve seen this many times before, and certainly not because I’m any smarter than anyone, I already see where this is going. I let it play for a few more moments.

“I just need some oxygen. C’mon, can I just get some of yours?”

He doesn’t fucking need any oxygen. Anyone can see that.

I walk back. I’d like to get some food before we get interrupted again.

“If you want us to give you oxygen, then you’re going to hospital.”

“Oh, fuck that! I ain’t going with you guys to no hospital! I’ll be alright. I’m good.”

“Then keep walking.”

I would argue that he has too much oxygen.

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