Stations are awful places to sleep

After a fucked-up night, I need a place to nap this morning before I start another shift at noon.

Don’t nap at the station. Especially in the morning.

I didn’t really realize this because I’m usually out and about in the mornings instead of napping. But this day, attempting to sleep for a couple of hours, I learn the hard way just how much noise there is during shift change, how many doors close, how many announcements come through the overhead, how many phone calls we get, how many times tones go off – followed by the apparatus door opening, the diesel engine starting and running, the rig doors slamming shut, the sirens, and the apparatus door coming back down – when I’m trying to sleep.

In the end, I sleep until 11, but it feels like no actual sleep.

I should have just slept on the couch at the coffee shop.

2 thoughts on “Stations are awful places to sleep”

  1. What kind of hospital is that? No doctor lounge? Not even a coach or a bed for the doctor doing night shift?
    I’m glad the hospital (Type C) that I am working currently has a small room to get a nap.

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