Entertainment weakly

Two firefighters from a different ALS agency come out of Room X.

They congratulate each other with a fist bump.

“Strong code, bro.”

I roll my eyes. As do the charge nurse and my partner.

The code is quickly terminated after an airway check and an echo.

<Rewind 3 minutes>

We’re waiting for a bed. A cardiac arrest is being brought in, which means we’re delayed even more. So I step away from the patient to print the report in a different area.

I hear a commotion. Loud voices and footsteps.


I come back to the patient. The charge nurse is visibly annoyed with the firefighters.

“There’s no need to yell. Guy’s been down for 50 minutes. Nothing’s going to change. Act like you’ve worked a code before.”

I shrug.

“Looks like they’ve been watching too many movies and TVs, bursting through the door and screaming out their report, holding up the IV bag with their teeth.”

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