“I have 8 different bosses”

From the 1999 cult classic Office Space:

Does this sound familiar to you?

There’s the field supervisor, always lurking to see if you’re wearing your ID badge, because that dangling piece of plastic never gets in the way when you’re actually doing work. S/he always stands at the ready, ready to catch you with some obscure infraction and refer it to other supervisors, but never ready to help you with anything meaningful, such as lifting a heavy patient or cleaning up the ambulance.

There’s the administrative supervisor, always bothering you about your attendance during ‘flu season or your punctuality when the highway is shut down because a gas tanker blew up or your part-time work requirements or the illegible signatures from ED staff (who have better things to do than to sign your paperwork) and patients (who generally don’t feel like signing your paperwork even if they’re not that sick). Or like that time I wrote that a 247-year-old patient with general weakness wasn’t strong and coordinated enough to sign the touchscreen (the tip of the stylus – nothing else – must contact the screen with sufficient force to produce a signature) because she’s old as fuck, and they kicked it back wanting to know why. As if I’m the fucking signature or penmanship police.

There’s the system status supervisor, always bothering you because your “wheels are not moving” quickly enough after being assigned a post move, or you were 1 second late to an Alpha for someone’s 4-day-old tummy ache because you were using the restroom, or you’re not “on top of post” on the GPS.

There’s the QI/QA supervisor, always accusing first and asking questions later only to find out they were wrong in the first place, even though most of them have very little actual field experience, or were forced into this position through permanent disability.

Then there are the operations manager and the director of operations. I never see them and have no idea what they do, other than sending stupid memos about stupid things, but you can be sure they’ll be around when you fuck up.

It seems that no one has learned anything in 14 years.

2 thoughts on ““I have 8 different bosses””

  1. makes me glad for my agency, where the field supervisors are the first to help out with the dirtiest tasks. QA/QI is handled by peers and feedback is usually positive and possible point of knowing not just the fieldwork but also the patient populations, and management staff is generally supportive when you screw up, seeking to understand and not to run somebody on the bus.

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