Fuck management

I’m in the office talking to a known good supervisor about how awful most of the other supervisors and managers are.

One such manager walks in.

“Hey, FYI, I just caught Bob on his phone. Can you talk to him?”

The good supervisor and I trade looks.


Bob is one of the guys who stocks ambulances and cleans them. It is tedious work that is also absolutely essential. They do it so I don’t have to. I think of them all the time, and I open and use as little equipment and supplies as possible.

Being on his phone – no matter how long, and I’m sure it wasn’t long given the fucked-up workplace atmosphere – does not in any way interfere with what he does. He’s not driving. He’s not on a call. He’s not dealing with customers. Who gives a flying fuck if he’s on the phone for a few seconds?

“So, [awful manager], do you go an entire day without looking at your phone or getting in touch with your family?”

Suck my fucking dick.

5 thoughts on “Fuck management”

  1. “Known good supervisor” Such a strange concept. But, you forgot the first rule of EMS, don’t ever question the policy! The policy is tantamount! Everything! Patient care, safety, science, all come after the all mighty policy!

  2. I spent most of my career questioning protocols and ignoring stupid rules. Which probably why I was judged not to be “management material”. Looking back, while it might have been meant as a criticism, I think of it as a compliment.

  3. The city is now code red as there are no stocked EMS units because Fucked up gay bob wont restock his EMS units cause talking about what queer leathers bob wants his partner to wear is more important then the lives of the ones that need those EMS units stocked and ready to fly. Both Gay bob and the stuporvisor should be fired. They can’t even get enough EMT’s and keep them because of shit working conditions and pay around here. If life didn’t include 5 blown discs 3 c-spine 2 s1-l5 I would get my ticket and be on the oil rigs getting rich putting Band-Aids on boo boo’s … or saving the body parts of rookies putting hands in the wrong places. Then going for a coffee till the next fool hurts himself. So when you get a fool that has the keys to the supply having phone sex with his BF then yes that would burn my ass too….. There does that make ya’ll feel better?

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