Cops jump the gun and call for medical…

…because the guy seems “out of it.”

That is, until, they run the plates and realize it’s a stolen car, and “out of it” really means “a lying sack of shit.”

Context, people. It’s a bit like what we tell new people – decide what you want to do AFTER you have conducted a thorough examination and are reasonably certain what you’re going to do isn’t going to kill the patient.

“Soooo, we’re big cop supporters for obvious reasons, but why on Earth did you guys not run the plates before you got us out of bed?”

“Um, sorry guys.”

One thought on “Cops jump the gun and call for medical…”

  1. I’d rather that then what happened to me last week. Force a guy to go to the hospital cause we don’t know what else to do with him and then as I’m trying to keep them from tripping over the stretcher while they force him on to it. I end up getting bit.

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