Dear dialysis patients

Dear dialysis patients,

This may sound insensitive – the only time you should miss your scheduled dialysis is when you’re dead.

I’m quite tired of hearing that you didn’t go to dialysis because you “didn’t feel good” or “didn’t feel like going.” Well, I’m no expert, but I can guarantee that you aren’t going to feel ANY better after skipping dialysis.

While your non-compliance with your appointments has a tendency to give us some¬†cool-ass EKGs that some idiot crews will debate for days whether it’s SVT with aberrancy or VT if they’re not silently staring at the long pauses with their mouths open, I wouldn’t be professional and responsible if I didn’t tell you to just go get your blood cleaned like everyone’s already explained to you a thousand times.



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  1. Maybe we could increase compliance by allowing patients to smoke during their sessions. I’m fairly certain that if we exclude patient went into renal failure when they were < 40yo, the morbidity, mortality, and healthcare resources saved by getting more of these folks to attend their tri-weekly blood scrubbing would offset the long-term harm caused by their smoking. In addition to removing a deterrent from their attending, associating a nice nicotine-fix with dialysis could subconsciously make some of these folks want to show up.

    Also, to the best of my knowledge there's no reason that a dialysis unit can't also function as an OTB…

    1. Vince D , You have the audacity to post your picture after making those comments. Nobody I know on dialysis is a smoker. You’re the reason I don’t trust anyone in the medical field. There’s so many mistakes made and your generation in general sucks the worse I’ve seen in my lifetime.
      I hope you never show up to pick me up. You struck a nerve u punk. I’ll hunt you down and fuck you up. If you don’t think I can find you, think again.

  2. I’m fortunate in that during my career I never did dialysis transports. The only calls we did to dialysis centers where when something went wrong. The term train wreck comes to mind.

    Vince, instead of OTB machines, the dialysis machines should be set up to sell lottery tickets.

  3. Maybe you need to sit in a dialysis chair for a mind numbing 3 hours. You feel like shit when get put on and you feel like shit when you get off. But you, You can still travel when you want, when you’re thirsty you can drink whatever you want, eat whatever you want. You don’t have to deal with the chronic fatigue, or being treated like a piece of meat. You have the FREEDOM dialysis patients don’t have. If you don’t like your job, then get another one. You are not doing any of your patients any favors by sticking around. So fuck off you asshole!

    1. i love my work. what i DON’T love is seeing people like you suffer because of a perfectly avoidable situation, like missing dialysis for some really silly reason and then getting even sicker than necessary. and believe me when i tell you, dialysis patients are very good at getting really sick really fast. no matter why they go to the ED, they are practically ALWAYS considered more than “non-urgent.”

      take all the emotion out of it, and the only thing left is the simple fact that dialysis can’t be skipped. which is the point of the post.

      if nothing else, you can tell your friends at the dialysis center about this fucking asshole medic who still has his “freedom” who posted something incredibly insensitive about missing dialysis, and they can all be as angry with me as they please, as long as they remember to go to all their dialysis appointments. i’ll happily be the bad guy if that means just one more person doesn’t willy-nilly decide to not go to dialysis because s/he “didn’t feel like it.”

      1. Well I’ve never missed an dialysis session. I am usually early and ready to go. If the only complaint you have is patients not showing up you must be very blessed indeed.
        The techs at my center work long 12 hr shifts, for low pay, with crappy administrators. Most work a second job to make ends meet. I love my techs, my nurses, my wife, my doc, my entire support team.
        I understand your frustration. I do. I really really do. But doing dialysis is HARD. Both physically and mentally. And yes, there are times I just don’t want to go, but I do it anyway. For my loved ones, because I am lucky enough to have people who care about me. But other patients who don’t have anyone, or have dementia. What do they have? Why not ask the real question as to why they don’t want to come in? How can you motivate and encourage them to come in?
        I was pretty harsh in my initial response, maybe too harsh. I think we can agree it sucks being on either side of a dialysis chair, be it a patient or a provider.

        1. well, however hard it is to sit in that chair 3 times or more a week, no one can dispute that the consequences of non-compliance are far, far worse.

          1. Dear dialysis patient: why don’t you go fuck off! Do you want me to take out my violin and play it for you? I am a dialysis technician and have been for the past 9 years. I used to love my job but over the years of dealing with whiney ungrateful people like you I no longer have sympathy or compassion for any human being. Yes I understand that being on dialysis sucks. You have to pretty much change your whole lifestyle,you can’t eat or drink what you want and you are tired all of the time. But is it our fault? No. 90 percent of you esrd patients treat techs and nurses like shit! So don’t cry and complain that u are a piece of meat and blah blah blah blah. And how dare you say if you don’t like the job get another one. How about this…how about you guys stop being unappreciative grumpy assholes!! We are here to save your lives and the amount of bullshit we deal with on any day is enough to make the happiest person miserable. Yes your kidneys failing is devastating…but those were the cards you were dealt so why don’t u suck it up and get the fuck over it! You should feel privileged that you actually get the opportunity to have your blood cleaned by a machine because if you lived in another County you wouldn’t even have the chance and then you’d be a piece of DEAD meat! Some of you people live better lives then I do. You get diagnosed with esrd and automatically qualify for every government program there is. Food stamps,housing assistance,cash assistance etc. AND YOU GET DIALYSIS FOR FREE! With that being said you should worship the fucking ground your patient care technicians walk on because you don’t see how lucky you are to be sitting in that chair for 3 hours. But then again all you people think about is your damn selves…and you wonder why we are asshole? Smfh!!! Holidays? What are those? A normal life? What is that. And you say we have fucking freedom? I work from 545am to about 8pm 4 or 5 days a week. And I know people working in dialysis that make less money then cashiers at burger King to deal with u necessary bullshit and complaints all day. I’m cold I’m thirsty I have a headache can you put my feet down the TV won’t work I don’t like that kind of tape etc. Your kidneys don’t work but your mouths certainly do. How about this…your legs and arms work so why don’t u fold your own fucking blankets…you guys are worse than 5 year olds with the flu!!! Waking up at 300 in the morning to come into work and hear bitching that we opened the door 5 minutes late or you don’t want to sit in a certain chair. If I had kidney disease and I was receiving free dialysis and got to live another day I would wait patiently for how ever long it took. And I definitely wouldn’t bitch about a chair. You could sit me on the roof in the freezing cold rain and put an aids infested needle it me. So maybe you should read this and adjust your fucking attitude and realize why we are the way we are. And be thankful you get to spend time with your families on holidays because I’ve worked every holiday for the past 5 years. I can’t even remember what turkey tastes like…so dear ungrateful whiney ass dialysis patient: GO FUCK YOURSELF..sincerely: an under paid,under appreciated,over worked, tired dialysis technician

        2. I am too a tech in dialysis tech and Kris hit the nail on the head with the rant. You pts are miserable sobs. Not all but the majority of you .
          I love you kris. Thanks for saying what I’ve been feeling this whole time.
          I’m quitting this miserable job and moving on! 2yrs doing this and I want to slap the shiz out of everyone in the clinic, including staff.
          Fuck you fresenius with your thrive on bs

  4. Just stumbled across this, don’t know if it’s active anymore. I started hemodialysis eight months ago but I got trained to do it at home. My hubbie and I do it five days a week. But I had to go into a clinic for one week last month. I thought the staff was great. But the other patients, OMG. Their whole aura was depressed victim. Yuck. Plus, I couldn’t believe some of the people brought in to be dialyzed: old, semi comatose on stretchers. I don’t think that is what the government had in mind when they started this benefit years ago. So I totally get what you are saying. And I think what you do must be very difficult and I’m sure you don’t get paid enough. Neither do nurses and techs. So glad I empowered myself and learned how to do it at home. Thank you.

  5. Kris the technician, First of all you fuck off. Second, you’re working for money. If you really want to help people, why don’t you work for free ? Every job has it’s own bullshit believe me. If you don’t like it, do us all a favor and LEAVE. You don’t belong there. And Fuck you again for saying dialysis is FREE and we get all these perks. What a fuckhead. Maybe you’ll get lucky one day and your kidneys will fail. There’s times where I ponder going to dialysis or killing myself. The outlook sucks royally and if you have a transplant you have other problems even if it works. Pretty hard to look forward to the future.

    Drinmo, You can blame Fresenius and Davita corporate ass holes and their bottom line. They don’t staff the clinic with enough techs or nurses for that matter. Just like all corporations they only care about money and how to save it and funnel it to the top. Fuck the workers and the patients.They don’t give a shit. I’ve gone for 2 hours with nobody even checking to see if I’m still alive because their in charge of too many patients and they’ve been there for 12 hours.

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