How to manage a panic attack

As demonstrated by Airplane!.

4 thoughts on “How to manage a panic attack”

  1. That is so what I wanted to start a line up in the ER that day with that bus driver. Needless to say he was an immigrant from a country that is not well educated and they recycle their own drinking water from urine. Best way to say it without the racists comments. Yes I am a little bitter on that one as I saw his hand drop out and it was cold blue as a medic I surmised he didn’t have a chance. So yes I would have loved to have seen the full ER line up for the “Airplane panic control solution” Seconds to start CPR and he drives 10 mins to the hospital. Gee my CPR training said every min after 5 mins reduces chance of survival by 10 percent. So 50 percent of his survival odds were lost in that 10 mins. A bus driver is trained in calling a code over the radio and giving his location for ems. WTF didn’t he?

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