It’s only your body

“What medical problems do you have?”

“I just had surgery.”

“What kind of surgery?”

“Colonoscopy I think. Something like that.”

“Well, that’s not really surgery. Or did you actually have surgery? They remove something?”

“Colonosc-something. I don’t know.”

OK whatever. I’ve lost interest anyway.

Two minutes later, I lift her shirt up as I always get around to looking under clothes.

A colostomy bag. And bandages. Not just a little bit different from a colonoscopy.

“So you had some colon and maybe other stuff removed.”

I don’t even bother asking why stuff was removed.

“I told you I had surgery,” she looks at me with annoyance written across her face.

“Except you didn’t know anything about your surgery when I asked.”

This is another area where I really have a problem with the concept of consent. People don’t understand anything. “Informed consent” is an illusion in the great majority of cases – are you really going to hang your hat on the average civilian’s ability to care for him/herself? Those of you who are still worried about that kidnapping/false imprisonment charge or are always so quick to let people refuse care against their best interests, perhaps you should think again.

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