Why, yes, he is

But, no comment from me.

Code 3 for traffic collision.

Typical bullshit wreck. Everyone should just go on his or her way. But there’s always at least one dude who says his neck hurts. So we C-spine him, longboard and everything. Totally unnecessary. Insuritis. Vaginitis. Labial pain. CYA. Whatever.

Some bystanders are lingering and watching. If you don’t see wrecks all the time, I can understand how you may be curious.

“That guy’s faking it, huh?”

I look at the young women who said it. I shrug.

There really is nothing more to say.

One thought on “Why, yes, he is”

  1. Yeah, that’s about it. Problem is last time someone thought I did that there was a phone call. And apparently in EMS we don’t believe in things like innocent until proven guilty.

    I missed the memo but apparently the standard is guilty until proven innocent, and then still assumed guilty anyway. Maybe, just maybe if started telling John Q. Peon that no, we aren’t going to solve and and every problem he can’t fix by calling 911 and sometimes telling him he doesn’t need x, y, or z then maybe the system would be fixed. But then where would our patient satisfaction scores go?

    Won’t somebody think of the surveys?!?!?!?

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