Which one of you is the child?

Code 3 for a child caller stating that her mother is sick. Estimated address.

So after 5 address changes over the air with dispatchers working their magic and 5 corresponding door knocks, somehow we actually find the correct location.

A Spanish-speaking woman is lying in bed complaining that she is “numb.”

And she has “pain all over.”

I really don’t see how those two complaints go together, but what do I know; I’m just a stupid ambulance driver. But not stupid enough to know this woman is full of shit.

Anyway, all of us are less worried about this woman than we are about the little girl – her daughter – out of whom she probably scared the bejesus. What kind of person abandons, for lack of a better word, her responsibilities to her child because she merely doesn’t feel well?

If you make your 5-year-old call 911, you’d better be dying.

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