I got schooled by a 19-year-old

I’m getting coffee. On duty. Yes, that happens. Leave me alone.

The young woman behind the counter asks me how my day is going.

“Well, I’m at work, unfortunately.” I fake a sigh.

I say this all the time, half-serious, half-joking. It reflects the ambivalent nature of my feelings toward my work. I love my work, but often it is unbelievably aggravating. I doubt there is a single emergency service person who disagrees.

“If you don’t like what you’re doing, you should do something else!”

She says this with some edge. Perhaps a little too much edge for a person making another person’s coffee.

If only it is that simple, little girl.

I let it slide.

If only in the real world you can just do whatever you want and quit whenever you want.

I’ll check back with her in 10 years.

One thought on “I got schooled by a 19-year-old”

  1. I sometimes pretend I don’t thoroughly enjoy my job in similar situations, just so I seem more normal to strangers.

    Honest ta god, I love what I do even when it sucks.

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