Yours is not the only call in the world

Code 3 for unknown.

As we arrive at the convenience store parking lot, a man on a bicycle rides up to us and tells us that there’s a traffic collision involving 2 vehicles a couple of blocks down. He is calm and articulate, even though he looks like a bum. He doesn’t know if there are injuries. We even joke that he’s better than a couple of the dispatchers we have.

“Alright man, we’ll call another unit. Thanks.”

“OK. Thanks.”

We still have the original response with the cops. It’s a combative psych call. This person trashed the convenience store for no reason. Stuff is everywhere.

As dumb as it is, we don’t get to just leave and go to the other call. I don’t agree with it, but that’s how the current rules are until someone finds the balls to write more sensible ones, including ones where we can tell patients to buck up and take a cab.*

So while we’re here restraining this subject with just about all hands, one civilian after another comes up to us to tell us about the wreck the bicyclist already told us about. Like we’re standing around doing nothing but eating donuts.

I mean, you can even hear the approaching sirens of the responding units.

Finally, the fire captain steps out in front, loudly, “Yes, yes, yes, can’t you see we’re busy here? I already told you someone else is going to that crash! Now back up!”

In a city of millions of people, civilians, does it ever cross your one-dimensional minds that there is always more than one active incident and there is always more than one unit available to handle those other incidents?

So, what was the disposition of the wreck that the civilians were so worried about that they kept interrupting us to tell us about it?


Thank God someone responded to that wreck.

*Will probably never happen

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