A-hole: Lay low

A reader sent me this news segment from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is a pretty damn good one.

What is it that causes people, many of them, in fact, to think that it’s OK to drive on a suspended license without insurance while not even trying to keep a low profile, starting with not committing a simple traffic violation?

Personally, I think the debate over capital punishment is misplaced. Sometimes in my fantasies, I think maybe we should put to death assholes like this one in the video who do asshole things. Not every murderer is an asshole, certainly no more an asshole than a person who shows up on a video like that, or that Florida road rage guy.

I bet no one would miss these assholes. We know the death penalty doesn’t deter hardened criminals, but it sure will deter assholes and asshole behavior.

3 thoughts on “A-hole: Lay low”

  1. A friend of mine’s son just graduated from the police academy. On his first shift his FTO told him they’d ease into the patrol routine and make a couple of easy traffic stops.

    They were patrolling along and spotted a woman driving with her car half in a bicycle lane. The plan was to pull her over, give her a warning, and let her go.

    Problem #1. Drivers license, she didn’t have one. It had been revoked fro her previous traffic infractions.

    Problem #2 Those pesky warrants. She’d need to see a judge to clear those up. Only it was after court closing hours.

    So, she go arrested and the car was towed.

    Which lead to Problem #3. It wasn’t her car. So, the registered owner of the car received a citation for allowing an unlicensed operator to drive his car.

    All from an “easy” minor traffic violation.

    The stupid, it burns.

  2. Assholes and their asshole behavior cannot be deterred by law, logic, or love. They are immune to all those, for they are, after all, assholes.

    Or, to phrase it differently, “job security.”

  3. You can’t imagine how many people with warrants, suspended DLs, no insurance, etc. we catch because they do something stupid like drive with expired registration or speed in a school zone. Don’t draw attention to yourself, and you’ll probably get away with it. For a while, at least.

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