Everyone with history of seizures needs ambulance and ED

Code 2 for ETOH. At the downtown mental health clinic.

A woman in her 30s is sitting in a room, crying. She’s on a psych hold.

Apparently she drove drunk to the clinic for a regular appointment after having a bunch of alcohol. So the psych staff placed on her a psych hold. Which doesn’t make any sense. Apparently cops aren’t the only ones who don’t understand what a psych hold is.

“Shouldn’t you be calling the cops out here for the DUI instead?”*

“She has a history of seizures, so we called 911 for an ambulance.”

Mishearing her, I ask, “You put her on a psych hold because she has a history of seizures?”

“No, we called 911 because of her history of seizures.”

“Well, neither one of those makes any sense.”

*Not that I believe any cop is going to write her a ticket

2 thoughts on “Everyone with history of seizures needs ambulance and ED”

  1. I’ve had hospitals use this as a reason to take an able bodied, alert, and otherwise normally functioning middle-aged man home from the emergency room. And people wonder why we get burned out….

    1. i used to have an epileptic dog. he’d have a seizure, stop, stumble around, and then be back to normal in due time. humans should take a lesson from him.

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