I can believe it even if you can’t

Code 3 for auto-ped.

It’s raining. Hard. And it’s dark.

“I can’t believe he didn’t see me! I had the walk sign!”

“You’re crossing the street on a rainy night in dark clothing.”

I’m not saying it’s not the driver’s fault, because it totally is. I am saying it is very naïve to have so much faith in other people*, especially people who are operating 3000-pound pieces of metal capable of reaching 100 miles an hour.

Assuming this pedestrian got hit at 20 mph, the kinetic energy of the vehicle just prior to impact is roughly 54000 joules. One joule is approximately the energy required to lift an apple vertically from the floor to your belly button in air.

So, I’d recommend being a little bit less trusting.

*The same kind of naïveté that gets people mugged or raped

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