Real World

I get it – you have a vision of change and a strong belief in something. That’s not a bad thing. I know I am certainly not as principled as you are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little less naïve about it.

Vandals knocked out Wear’s teeth in a vicious beating caught on video during the protests Tuesday that began in Berkeley and spilled into Oakland. They beat him because he tried to put out a garbage fire. He tried to tell them violence was muddling up their message.

As a peaceful protester participating in protests that have almost always been known more for the blatant looting, vandalism, physical assaults, and general disruption of innocent people’s everyday lives, did you seriously think you can come away from such an encounter with total scumbags unscathed?

I know the folks who love to loudly decry “victim blaming” will no doubt offer their extremely insightful idea that people shouldn’t assault other people, just like they always say people shouldn’t break into cars belonging to other people to steal their laptops in plain sight, or people shouldn’t cancel other people’s plane tickets after they post it on Facebook, or other similar (and more sensitive and controversial) examples.

That may work in La-La Land.

Elsewhere, some people actually pause to rationally think about the situations they’re getting themselves into.

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