Why do people still insist on not wearing seat belts?

Is it ignorance? Is it laziness? Or is it because they don’t like the government poking its nose into their cars? I mean, I’ve heard that line about E-ZPass plenty of times when people choose to sit in traffic and avoid discounts instead of going through tolls without slowing down.

The week before Thanksgiving, a family traveling to Disney World lost 5 members after a wreck. Six were ejected and 5 of them died. None of the 6 were wearing seat belts.


Look at the passenger space – that is a totally survivable rollover if you’re restrained.

If only 85% of drivers remember to use their ignitions, do you know how much better traffic will be?

On a related note, thanks to John, have you heard of anti-seat belt laws crusader Derek Kieper?

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