Am I the dick here?

Code 2 for vomiting. Specifically, in the restroom of a public building. Strangely enough, this building is always open, and the single restroom is available for all to use. It is, of course, 2am.

We arrive at exactly the address reported. No one is there. Not in the restroom. Not anywhere.

So we’re standing around about to leave, and an apparently homeless man with a backpack approaches without difficulty from several hundred feet away, waving his hand.

“Did you call us?”


“What for?”

“I’m ill. I’m going to have to use the bathroom.”

“Well, your ambulance is here.”

He doesn’t say anything else, walks right past us, into the building and into the restroom.

We all look at each other. Huge medical emergency as usual.

So we’re all standing around waiting for him. A couple of minutes go by. He opens the restroom door and pops his head out. I can see that he’s temporarily set up camp inside.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Are you going to treat me?”

“What? I’m not treating you in there while you’re doing your business. If you’re ready to go, let’s go.”

“Well, you don’t seem like you want to treat me. Even back when I walked over from that other building.”

“You weren’t even where¬†you said you were, so why would we think you’re the patient?”

“I don’t need your services anymore. You guys need to think about the way you treat people.”

“Don’t ever call us again.”

“Fuck you, I’ll call you whenever the fuck I want.”

“No you won’t.”

2 thoughts on “Am I the dick here?”

  1. Oh snap, looks like I’m in the minority on this one. Let me run this call past you from my point of view. Citizen calls claiming he was refused services. Chart (if you did one at all) will be minimal at best. Man brings in hospital documents showing a GI bleed and claims it was made worse by your inaction. Legs to stand on: 0.
    I know we change a lot of details when blogging these experiences, but a smile and a little effort get us far more than a grumpy frown and attitude. As the career goes on the grumpy can begin to take over the happy and that’s when hte first sizzle of burnout takes hold.
    Then again, the title of your website tells us all where you are on that scale. Always has.

    1. And my chart will say the caller, clearly in no distress, told us to leave, among all his other actions leading up to that. I always write clearly why there is no transport, and it will say the truth, which is the exact opposite of me refusing him services. The only thing I refused was to be in the restroom with him when he was obviously fucking around in there, not to mention it being a big red safety flag.

      I agree with your comment otherwise, and that is how ironic this is. He calls, we show up, tell him to get in, and he doesn’t want to go because of whatever slight he’s perceived. We’re more than happy to transport him; in fact, we’re being as easy as can be. “Let’s go” is the complete opposite of giving him the third degree about his obviously bullshit reason for calling, which is what most crews would have done. We couldn’t have been any more explicit about “let’s go.”

      Despite the title of this site, as a rule the grumpy only takes over when someone else is being a dick first. Childish, yes, in some ways, but a pretty good policy nonetheless.

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