Body Cam 1, Foul-Mouthed Woman 0

In this week’s Chest Cam Chronicles, a Fairfield, California boy was left sleeping in his car before it was stolen. His parents called police for help. And then they said the police were mean to them¬†while they were generally unhelpful toward the police.

One thought on “Body Cam 1, Foul-Mouthed Woman 0”

  1. She may have been being hostile, and generally uncooperative, BUT she was right. She did not have to let the police into her home if she didn’t want to. And the fact that they didn’t read her her rights or tell her why she was being arrested seems illegal (though I don’t know the actual legality of the situation)

    Also, the cops were yelling about blood stains on her carpet. Did anything more come of this, or did they eventually find her kid????

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