Another unhappy taxpayer

In another story this week in idiots and groceries, this Oroville, California man is angry at firefighters for getting groceries on duty. He is in particular mad that the firefighters preferred to shop at a much cheaper store farther away from the station. I suppose he prefers, well, you know what – I don’t even know what he wants. I’m pretty sure no one cares what he wants anyway.

I love how “taxpayers” love to use “paying taxes” as an excuse to do and say whatever they want like “I pay your salaries” to emergency crews and especially cops (as well as other government employees). I also love how every single time such a person goes on his/her rant, s/he is making it sound like s/he is footing the bill of one employee’s salary as if s/he’s paying the ENTIRE salary by him/herself.

I mean, let’s say I own 100 shares of Google stock. (If I did, it obviously wasn’t because of this civil service salary. Note to angry Oroville man.) Try as I may, no one is going to take me seriously if I go on some rant and demand Google do what I want them to because I own Google stock.

Eat a dick.

Anyway, it’s almost hilarious to me that near the end one firefighter pretended to apologize some more and then offered to tell him where and how to file a complaint before asking if there was anything else they could do for him, like he did it all on purpose just to poke the bear some more, all while appearing extremely professional.

3 thoughts on “Another unhappy taxpayer”

  1. I’m 29 and work at Walmart. I wanted an actual career. So for the past 5 months have been planning on enrolling in my local community college and majoring in EMT-Basic. I later on planned on studying to become a paramedic.

    But after reading your blog (on other articles on recent EMS suicides) there is no way in hell I would ever work in EMS. It would literally be the dumbest fucking life decision I could ever possibly make.

    Thank you for not bullshitting people on the mental torture you face in your work. You saved someone from ruining their life.

    1. Yes, sometimes it’s unbelievably frustrating. But once in a while it has its moments too, and I think that’s what we live for. Pretty sad, huh? We just roll with it. Or write a stupid blog. Haha.

  2. Sorry for the late reply – I see our local EMTs at the grocery store often. They bring the rig, park in front, have their radios on them, and I have seen them literally drop their stuff and run if a call comes in. I have absolutely NO problem with them getting some food. What, they’re supposed to go a whole shift without eating??

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