Commissioner Carey: Go pound sand

Speaking of other idiots

A super smart Seminole County, Florida commissioner named Brenda Carey is up in arms about firefighters getting some groceries while on duty.


Let me make one more attempt to explain this: Emergency service providers AND THEIR EQUIPMENT stay together AT ALL TIMES so they can respond immediately to a call for service without stopping anywhere such as the station to pick up other crew members or equipment.

So, in other words, Ms. Carey, thank you for your useless opinion.

***Update #1: No disciplinary action considered.

***Update #2: Commissioner Carey is going the typical chickenshit politician “la la la la la la I can’t hear you” route.

3 thoughts on “Commissioner Carey: Go pound sand”

  1. I’m sorry — I heard about this on my drive to work this morning and all I could think of was that it made perfect sense for on-duty paramedics/fire personnel, etc. to take their rigs to the store. Happens all the time at my local store. The guys are great, but do not get in their way if a call comes in. They will be leaving posthaste.

  2. Same here. Our local fire/EMS park right in front, get their groceries and are on their way. They use the rig so if they get a call they are ready to go (and they will drop their stuff and run if a call comes in – I’ve seen it happen). As a taxpayer, I have no problem at all with this.

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