Not something I’d do, but…

Kenneth Hallenbeck, a Brevard County Fire Rescue firefighter/paramedic, was fired for flipping a patient off the gurney and criminally charged.

So, I am absolutely not defending Hallenbeck. I am merely pointing out that someone appears to be perfectly able to walk. The story alleges that someone was asked to get off the gurney at triage and refused. Hmm.

One thought on “Not something I’d do, but…”

  1. You know, even if he did refuse to get off the stretcher, dumping him on the ground like that wasn’t the way to deal with it. Sure, he may be petulant and not wanting to do stuff on his own, but everyone gets an off day and a guy under 50 dying of cancer probably has his fair share of off days. I don’t think either of them handled this well. If he needed help to get off the stretcher or shit, just wanted help he could have asked for it instead of saying whatever it was that set the paramedic off.

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