Proof that the pain scale is stupid

I’m at an autism spectrum disorder talk and someone pointed out that the Wong-Baker Faces pain scale does not work when assessing autistic children.

Without thinking, in a room full of multidisciplinary personnel, I blurted out, “I don’t think it works with anyone!”

The room instantly erupted in certain laughter.

That is my totally nonscientific, anecdotal evidence that the pain scale is stupid.

2 thoughts on “Proof that the pain scale is stupid”

  1. When I was at my PCP for my last annual, the office manager gave me a form to fill out. One of the items was that stupid pain scale. I checked the one with the zero and the smiley face. I drew a cigar in the mouth with smoke curling out the end of the cigar.

    Apparently no one looks at the stupid things.

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