I’m a paramedic in a large urban area with a significant indigent population.

This site is mostly just a collection of stories about calls that I – or other co-workers – have been to. We did not make these stories up. We wouldn’t even know how to make some of this stuff up. Blogging about these calls and the people we come across does, however, serve sort of a therapeutic purpose.

If you ever have the presence of mind to wonder why we are taking so long to get to your silly 911 request for medical assistance, it’s probably because we’re at someone else’s house for their silly 911 request for medical assistance.

By the way, just because a site is on my blogroll doesn’t mean I agree with everything they write. Just because I post something from someone else doesn’t mean I agree with everything they say. And nothing on this site is meant to be construed as do-it-yourself-at-home medical advice.

At this time, I’m declining offers to host advertising, requests to mention your website and anything else similar in nature, but I thank you for considering this blog.

E-mail me at burnedoutmedic.com-at-gmail.com if you have questions. I check this e-mail every once in a while.