Chronicles of EMS

Generally I don’t spend much time thinking about work when I’m off, but this stuff is impressive. Thaddeus Setla and Justin Schorr have been trying to bring together EMS professionals from all over the world through the use of new media. In particular, please watch the following 20-minute film:

Chronicles of EMS – The Reality Series (Season 1 Episode 1) from Thaddeus Setla on Vimeo.

It’s also interesting to see some really old faces from years ago in this new circle.

Thanks, you guys.


Waiter Rant had a post about tipping originally published in the New York Daily News. Boy, do we have to tip everybody for doing everything?

Anyhow, they left out healthcare workers, police officers and firefighters. OK, maybe not firefighters who spend all of 2 minutes on your medical call. If anyone deserves tips, it’s going to be these people. Suggested tip for services:

Medic you just spat on: $10

Medic whose ambulance floor you just bled on: $10

Medic for whom you just wouldn’t hold still during IV start: giant needle in your hand

Cop you just forced into tussling with you: let him crack your skull with his baton

Cop who is filling out your domestic violence report for the 20th time at 3am because you just won’t leave the dude: $20

Cop you’re suing because he shot your dumbass for pointing a gun at him: his legal fees and an apology

Hospital housekeeping for cleaning up after you urinated on their floor because you just couldn’t wait for a urinal: bleach in your eyes

Nurse for bringing you sandwiches: well, you’re actually doing them a favor eating those sandwiches

Physician for diagnosing you with being a serial abuser of EMS and hospitals: spit on him