“What is it exactly that you people do?”

No one says this out loud, but that’s the question I hear when I see emergency workers’ pay and benefits come under constant attack.

In a sentence, we drop everything else to respond to other people’s requests for assistance no matter what time it is, how dangerous or safe the neighborhood is, what good or evil or crazy people with or without weapons are at the scene, how clean or disgusting the residence – on fire or not – is, what funky bodily fluids are smeared or not smeared all over someone, and we do what is necessary to get things done, regardless of how much we do or don’t want to do it.

One thought on ““What is it exactly that you people do?””

  1. Well a good starting point is…
    How much are the garbage men paid….. because when you see some homeless person you call us to remove (what you define in your head, and sometimes even tell us to our face) human garbage…..
    Ok now how much is keeping your sorry ass alive when you keel over with a MI from your obese lifestyle that includes copious amounts of beer and the occasional bit of crack (see http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/11/05/toronto-mayor-ford-admits-to-smoking-crack/ for a prime example).

    (A retired and very tired big city paramedic)

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