Typical idiot EMS managers

Even though Call the Cops – “America’s 27th Most Trusted Source for Public Safety News” – is The Onion of emergency services, this piece is nonetheless an absolutely accurate description of spineless, gutless EMS management:

Once in the office EMS director Richard Goinu told Muldowney he had gotten a complaint about her driving. According to the complaint a citizen said he ambulance was traveling well over 95MPH down highway 15.

“I was in shock. I told him that the ambulances govern out at 70MPH. There was not way I could have been going as fast as the citizen says. He then tells me that the citizen is a local business owner so the citizen is more trustworthy than I am.”

Director Goinu was not able to comment on this story citing HR department policy about employee privacy.

For those of you who are aspiring EMS managers, grow a pair, figure out who your good employees are, and tell civilians to bugger off when they call you with frivolous complaints.

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  1. Yes, that’s what I meant. When I started, eons ago, there were a few. But they’ve been slowly pushed out by money hungry bureaucrats and expertsconsultants that prey on the ignorance and longing for a simple panacea. Leaving only room for a situation akin to theoden and wormtongue. But we have no Gandalf to release us. Sadly.

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